Website Design & Development

Website Design Tailored to Your Unique Goals

Transform your website from “just a brochure” into something much more.

More than Just a Brochure

When developed on top of a solid foundational strategy, a website can become a tool that attracts high quality leads, enables you to learn more about those you do business with, seamlessly connect your marketing efforts, and engage with more of your customers.

New Website Development

Starting from the beginning? Great! We’ll work together to define your website’s goals, create custom designs that match your business, and ensure it’s optimized for organic search results.

Your website will be developed from the ground up to fit your business’ aesthetics and needs. Your site will be completely yours, not just a modified or recycled template.

Analytics and user behavior can be monitored allowing you to continuously measure and adjust your site to improve your customers experience which directly affects your ROI.

By discovering what strategies your competitors are using and where their weak areas are, we’ll be able to better position your website to catch up or outrank them in search engine listings.

Solid SEO strategies help put your business in front of customers actively looking for what you provide. After all, it won’t matter how nice your website is if no one is able to find it.

Regardless of the screen size your visitor is using, your website will look and function as it should. Additionally, you can dynamically implement specific calls to action depending on the kind of device they’re browsing on.

laptop with custom built website displayed
court street vet website before redesign Before
court street vet website after redesign After Redesign

Website Refresh

If your website isn’t generating the leads it used to or some parts don’t seem to function as well as they once did, a website refresh will help. We’ll pinpoint and fix areas that need improvement, create a new optimal experience for your visitors, and set a new path to reach your goals.

Before redesigning your website, we’ll run an in-depth audit to learn what’s working and what isn’t.  Understanding the problem areas of your current site will allow us to move forward with a solid plan of action.

The same audits that we run on your website can also be generated for your competitors. These audits will show us where their sites may be lacking which gives you the opportunity to outperform them in those areas.

Many of my clients who had their websites redeveloped came from a DIY or template approach. While this may be a good place to start, they quickly realized they were boxed in as their website needs increased. Your new site will be designed to fit your brand, developed to meet your goals and scale as your business grows.

Your SEO audit will show us what areas have been working and were improvements can be made. When your site is rebuilt, the positives will remain intact while new SEO strategies are implemented to help improve your search result rankings.

If your current website doesn’t fit well on smaller devices it may be difficult for your visitors to use and frustrated visitors are far less likely to stay on your site. Your redeveloped website will be built to adapt to the users device making it easy to navigate.


Website Maintenance & Ongoing Support

With a Website Care Plan in place you can manage your business while knowing your site and all its moving parts are working as they should. When you need something new or updated on your site, you can log in to easily edit photos and text.

Editing content on your website is easy with the front-end editor you’ll have access to.

If you’re looking for a more hands-off approach send me your new copy and images and I’ll handle updating your website’s pages. It’s included!

Your site will be regularly backed up and its files and database will be stored securely off-site. If anything goes wrong, you can be back up and running in a matter of minutes.

Your website will be protected against hacks, attacks, and malware that can otherwise ruin a website. Your site will also utilize anti-spam measures to help block spammers from sending you emails through your contact forms.

To ensure a website continues to perform as it should, it needs regular software updates and security patches. These are covered with your Care Plan so you can continue to focus on your business knowing that your site is updated and taken care of.

Keep your current online presence and continuously improve your rankings. With the analytic data your website collects, we’ll be able to test, shift, and implement SEO strategies on an on-going basis.

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"This Has Made a Tremendous Difference"

Don Carlisle Review Image

Don Carlisle

Founder & President
W&H Wide Plank Floors

“We are so appreciative with the website you built for our company.

As a tribute to the work you did, we have been getting exactly the type of quality leads/customers we were hoping for and this has made a tremendous difference! Thank you and I sincerely appreciate it!

More Than Just a Website

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your search engine results is an ongoing process to help make sure your website is in front of the right people at the right time. The better your SEO, the more opportunities you have to land warm leads.

Goal Tracking & Analytics

Learn how people are finding your website, who’s visiting, and how they move from page to page. With this information we can continue to improve your user experience and increase your ROI.


Improve your search rankings by evaluating your direct competitor’s websites. Learn what areas of their messaging, SEO, and site structure are weak and focus on making sure your site implements what they aren’t.


Like most applications, websites require software and security updates. Stay focused on running your business knowing that your website is fully managed and working as it should.

Security & SSL

Your website will be protected against hacking, spam, and malicious activity. Your visitors data will also be protected by encrypting  data sent to and from your website.

Website & Database Backups

Your website and its database is backed up daily. In the case tragedy strikes, it only takes a couple of minutes to get it back online as if nothing ever happened.

Web Design F.A.Q.

No way! None of those pre-made templates or themes will be found here! Instead, I create custom designs and layouts to meet your specific business’ goals.

For sure! You’ll have full administrative access to your website once it’s launched and can change titles, paragraphs and images with ease.

However, if you’re on a Care Plan I can make most of these changes at no extra cost.

You bet! I offer Website Care Plans that ensures your website remains up-to-date, backed up, and secure. You also have three 30 minute tasks allotted each month for updates and changes.

Even if you want to handle everything yourself but feel stuck at any point, reach out and ask – I’m always happy to help where I can.

If a website is properly maintained the core structure should last for quite some time. That said, style trends and security measures tend to change at a faster pace, so a website refresh may need to be done every 2-3 years to make sure it doesn’t start to fall behind.

Of course! We’ll work together to hone in on how your brand will be represented online through a 4 step process from conception to launch. Using this process helps to define and support your website’s message. My clients trust that I’m able to translate this into an engaging design that uses best practices and standards, but I’ll always proof these designs with you before we fully implement them on the website.

Many of my clients opt to deliver their own copy-writing and images with my guidance, however, if that doesn’t sound like something you’d like to do I have close connections with outstanding copywriters and photographers I can connect you with.

Ooof, that’s a big NO WAY! From the proposal stage onward you’ll know exactly what your invoice will be. I charge by the project, not hourly, so the amount you see in the proposal is the price you’ll pay.

The only exception to this would be a shift in the scope of work we agree upon before beginning the project. If there’s more pages, more functionality, or a large shift in the website’s structure, these will most likely increase the cost – but you’ll be notified and I won’t start before it’s been approved by you.

Nope! Every website I build is done by me or someone on my regular team.

All my website builds include on page SEO created using best practices along with off-site optimizations if you’re hosting your site on my servers. Your site will include proper H-tags, alt images, meta descriptions, sitemaps, image optimization, and more.

Historically, the sites I launch rank higher than their previous iterations.

You bet! Your website will adapt to fit screens of all sizes, from mobile phones to wide desktop monitors.

Not only that, but your visitors experience can be tailored to the device they’re using, time of day they’re visiting, location, and much more. For example; what would be a button leading to your contact form when viewed on a desktop PC can change to a button that automatically calls your business phone if viewed on a cell phone.