Graphic Design & Marketing

Graphic Design that Connects with Your Audience

Never judge a book by its cover. While great advice when talking about your fellow humans, when it comes to your brand, people often make assumptions on the quality of your products and services based on how your present yourself visually.

Great Design is Invisible

It’s been echoed many times due to how true it is:
“Bad design is frustrating, good design is obvious, and great design is invisible.”

My goal, and point of personal pride, is to create print design that goes beyond simply looking good, but capture the attention of your audience, engages with them, and ultimately generates more sales.

Graphic Design & Marketing

Investing in your brands design by creating cohesive messages in your visual marketing is a powerful tool to boost your brand recognition.

Business cards, brochures, letterhead, and a whole lot more. These items may be small, but when designed well, they can make a big impact!

When designing for large scale print materials it’s important to think about where the piece will be displayed and how it will be viewed by a passerby. For example; if a design is intended to be displayed on a road you’ll want to ensure the message can be read and understood in the time it takes to pass by.

Print ads are a fun exercise. They’re typically located in close proximity of other ads, so ensuring your ad looks great, conveys the message you want, and also stands out against the others on the page can be the best sort of puzzle; and one that I love to solve.

Tailor your social media profiles, Google Business Listing, and anywhere else your brand is found online with custom profile photos, cover images, and avatars. Create digital ad sets that draw the eye and capture the attention of your potential customers.

letterhead, business cards, and brochure for the hancock inn

Package Design

Before anyone purchases your product, they’ll most likely see its packaging next to other similar products on the shelf.

Great packaging catches the eye of your would-be-customer, helps identify your brand, and gives a first impression of the assumed quality of your product.

Packaging is a customers first touch-point, it can elevate their buying experience and help to reinforce your brand’s identity. We’ll work together to create packaging that strengthens your brand and best showcases your products.

Do you have a fun or innovative idea for your packaging? We can work together to find the best solution to create a custom die cut for your packaging that’s quite literally outside-the-box!


Logos & Branding

Your visual identity most likely the first thing someone sees when they’re introduced to your brand, it’s also the only thing that speaks for you when you’re not in the room. It’s crucial to ensure what it says is positive.

Your logo will be created to represent your brand in its best light and designed to be memorable to your audience. It’s important as it will be used on all your marketing, website, signs, and paperwork.

A brand style guide will help ensure that your branding stays on-point regardless of application. Be it online, in print, or marketing collateral, keeping your branding consistent will boost both recognition and trust.

Just because your current logo may be showing its age doesn’t necessarily mean you need to start from scratch. We’ll work together to update your logos look without loosing the brand recognition you’ve built over the years.

"Proven Time and Time Again"

Scott C Review Photo

Scott C.

Director of Food & Beverage
Stowe Mountain Lodge

“I have had Matt work on projects of different scale and scope. As a designer his range of creativity have been proven time and time again, he is as talented as anyone at the top of their game. Beyond the art the greatest pleasure of working with him is his commitment, professionalism and his flexibility, in short he makes me look good.”

More Than Just Design

A Partnership

The majority of my clients have been working with me for years. When I take on a new client, it’s unusually not for a quick one-and-done gig. Rather, we continue to work together and brainstorm new ideas to help their business grow.

Online Marketing

Most brands have some sort of online presence. We’ll work together to make sure every corner of the web that your business uses to connect with your customers is recognizable and cohesive with your brand.

Mailers & EDDM

Print isn’t dead, it’s just often overlooked nowadays. With well designed mailers you can stand out and with EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) you’re able to target the zip codes that have the highest chance of conversion.

Keep Your Marketing Coordinated

Keeping all your marketing materials consistent with your branding boosts your brands recognition and trust. When your website, social media accounts, and print materials all align, the whole ecosystem feels more put-together and professional.

Inventive Print Materials

Print design doesn’t have to mean boring. Inventive ways to offer your services and engage with your customers can be incredibly powerful. Done right, print materials can offer a different, more personal journey for your customers.

Full Printing Capabilities

Looking for a printer for the new material that’s been designed for your business? I’ve partnered with some of the very best printers in New England and choose which project is sent to who based on their capabilities to ensure that your pieces are printed to their fullest potential.

Graphic Design F.A.Q.

For most projects, I create three initial logo concepts based on your project brief. From here, you’ll choose one (or a combination of aspects found within these concepts) to further refine and hone in on your desired look.

This depends on the project itself.

For logo projects, you’ll receive both vector and raster files (.eps .pdf . svg .png)

For print design it’s most common to provide a print ready PDF file. This will include all necessities like bleed, correct pagination, etc.

In most cases once the final payment is made (unless specified otherwise in our working agreement) the only rights I retain to the finished work I produce for is the ability to showcase the work online and in my portfolio.

That’s a hard one to answer, most logos are quoted based on complexity and use cases.

A few cost factors can include: how many variants of your logo you need, is it an icon based or illustrative based logo, will a set of custom icons be needed.

Logos and branding engagements tend to start at $650+, however the best way to find out is to ask for a quote.

A brand style guide is a document that helps keep your branding consistent.

Your stile guide outlines the specifics of your branding. How and where to use your logo, what kind of imagery is on-brand and what not to use along with how to best display it. It will also include your brand fonts and font pairings as well as your brand colors in HEX for web use and CMYK for printing.

Style Guides are great when you have many different people within your business generating content and marketing materials.

Most of my clients don’t own the necessary software to make changes and alterations to the designs I create. The shortlist of software I use is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign.

If you do own the software needed to make updates and changes I’m happy to create template files. These typically contained locked layers for the layout aspects and leave the text and images editable. For those with more confidence in the software, they’re able to unlock the other layers.

Of course! Although I do offer printing services, if there’s a printer that you’ve worked with for a long time and trust their results go for it! I deliver print ready files that you can take anywhere without issue.

Heck no! The designs I create are 100% custom. Not only will the finished product look better this way, you won’t see someone else with the same design out in the wild. In many cases clipart used in branding materials is against the original artists policies anyway.

All my website builds include on page SEO created using best practices along with off-site optimizations if you’re hosting your site on my servers. Your site will include proper H-tags, alt images, meta descriptions, sitemaps, image optimization, and more.

Historically, the sites I launch rank higher than their previous iterations.