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About Matthew Sebert

Finding a reliable designer that you can work well with is important. My goal for this page is to help you decide if we’re a good fit.

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Over A Decade Of Experience

For over 10 years, I’ve helped business owners solve their marketing challenges and develop strategies to help them reach their goals—and I’ve loved every second of it. 

I’ve always had a deep appreciation for art as well as an insatiable curiosity of human nature. In 2009 I started Matthew Sebert Design and combined these two passions in my business by focusing on graphic design and branding. 

In 2016 I began my venture into website design and development. This allowed me to fuel another two passions; technology and organization. I quickly found that web development was my sweet spot. It’s a platform that allows me to track the results of my work far more than print design ever did. 

I can continue to refine previous work based on real-time analytics. Website design allows me to see the impact my work has for my clients with precise numbers and share this with them.

Over the years, I’ve refined my business to focus solely on website design and graphic design. Mixing the two enables me to create visually appealing websites that are built with a perfectionist’s mindset. 


Transparency And Honesty

My approach to my business is deeply rooted in transparency and honesty. I truly believe that by doing right by my clients and ensuring that every website I build is a solution to their pain points, my business will also succeed—a belief that’s proven true time and again.

In many cases, I work with my clients on a long-term basis after their first project to continue to make meaningful strides for their business. I don’t have paperwork or contracts binding them to me. Instead, they continue to work with me because they enjoy the results that I’ve produced for them. Some of these working relationships began over a decade ago, and we’ve grown alongside each other. 

The Process

Working With Me

Each business I work with has unique goals and pain points, and it’s in this variety that I’m able to learn and grow. The more problems I’m able to solve for my clients, the more I’m able to share that knowledge between them. 

Over the years I’ve built processes that ensure I’m able to complete projects in a timely manner and no important details are missed. This keeps projects well organized and everyone on the same page throughout. 

I am a huge proponent of clear communication. I aim to be transparent and readily available from the beginning to the end of every project—and am always happy to continue this open dialog after a project has ended. Once we’ve worked together, you’ll always have someone to reach out to with questions or to discuss ideas with. 

Typical Website Design Timeline

Phase 1: Sitemap & Project Kickoff

Average Timeline: 3-4 Days

A “Map” of your website will be created during this phase. I will need to account for all the content that will be included in your website and how it will be formatted and linked together. This gives us a clear understanding of your website’s organization and structure—and what paths your visitors can take from entry to goal completion. 

Once your sitemap is approved, I will create and share a set of online Copy Docs with you. These documents will contain fillable sections for the written copy for each page of your website and, if needed, writing prompts to help you with your messaging and page structure. 

Phase 2: Colors & Typography

Average Timeline: 3 Days

You will be sent a link to your development page that demos the full-color palette and typography that will be used throughout your website. Since this is shared on your development site, you’ll be able to see exactly how the colors and fonts will look on screens—both desktop and mobile. 

The Colors & Typography page will also include common elements such as buttons and forms so you can see how these will look as well.

This can be based on your current branding or made completely custom if you don’t already have branding in place. Once finished, the font files will be delivered to you to install on your own computer(s) to ensure you’re able to keep your brand cohesive in the future. 

Phase 3: Initial Design

Average Timeline: 1-2 Weeks

During phase 3, we will design the header—with full navigation—homepage, and footer layouts of your website. 

This will allow you to proof the style and layout of your new site before we begin to develop the interior pages. If your written content hasn’t been supplied at this time, I’ll use placeholder text which can be replaced during phase 4.

Phase 4: All Content Due

Average Timeline: Client Responsibility

At this point, you’ll need to supply me with the final content for your website. This includes all text, photography, logos, and/or assets that need to be included within your website build. 

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to write content for your website, that’s okay—I can connect you with a copywriter or you can use your own. 

Phase 5: Full Site Development

Average Timeline: 2-4 Weeks

With all the design elements and content acquired, I will finish developing the remainder of the pages found within your sitemap.

At the end of this stage, your website will be nearly complete! 

Phase 6: Launch Checklist

Average Timeline: 3 Days

Once the full website has been approved, I will put it through a checklist to ensure everything is in place for a successful launch.

We will also select a day and time to launch your website. 

Phase 7: Launch

Average Timeline: 1 Day

I will point your domain to your newly designed website during this phase. This will require access to your domain registrar and DNS information. 

Don’t worry if that sounds foreign, I can help you access these.

If you would like to handle this on your own, I will package your website and send you the launch files. 

Phase 8: Testing & Debugging

Timeline: 30 Days

Over the course of the next 30 days, I will test and debug any issues with your site. Sometimes errors or conflicts may arise from migration, or omissions may be caught post-launch, and these will be fixed immediately. 

Let's Talk About Your Project

Reach out with any questions you may have or to chat about your project.