Past Projects

Portfolio of Work.

For over 10 years I’ve developed effective strategies, meaningful identities, and memorable experiences that connect people to businesses, brands, and organizations all over the world. 

Here you’ll find a small sample of the many projects that have done just that.

Website Design

CopyCat Print Shop.

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Having just opened a new store, CopyCat needed a website that would reach customers in their new location. The new site focused on local SEO and online marketing allowing them to successfully break into their new market.

copycat print shop homepage hero section

Pleasant Valley Country Club.

Website Design | Ongoing-SEO | Marketing |

Pleasant Valley’s old website had begun to show its age. They wanted a more modern looking website that captured more leads for their memberships, events, and set Pleasant Valley up as a wedding venue. Their old site converted and average of 25 membership leads a year whereas the redesigned website’s average leads sit at 51—per month!

Pleasant Valley CC homepage hero section

The Hancock Inn & Fox Tavern.

Website Redesign | SEO | Online Booking | Marketing

The old and outdated Hancock Inn website wasn’t easy for visitors to navigate and their search ranking was falling causing them to loose sales. The redesigned website kept much of the charm of the original, however it now focused on local SEO and deployed a new, more easily navigated design and they were able to showcase their unique rooms to much greater detail—leading to an increase in bookings.

The Hancock Inn & Fox Tavern homepage hero section

Southwestern Community Services.

Website Design | SEO | Article Database

SCC had been receiving comments from their website users that it was frustrating to search through their services and didn’t work well on mobile phones (62.27% of their traffic comes from mobile devices). Their new site is now easy to navigate and far more accessible for those with poor vision or other disabilities that can make websites difficult to fully utilize.

Southwestern Community Services homepage hero section

Hopkinton Country Club.

Website Design | Ongoing-SEO | Marketing |

Hopkinton needed to revitalize their outdated website and while marketing wasn’t their top priority, the new website needed to show them at their best. When 2020 rolled around we developed an online ordering system which kept their restaurant busy and their income much more stable.

Hopkinton Country Club homepage hero section

Stowe Builder.

Website Design | Ongoing-SEO | Marketing |

Stowe Builder needed a website redesign, their old site didn’t function on mobile devices, took far too long to load (causing their search engine ranking to fall), and the number of visitors to the site was decreasing as a result.

Their redesign increased the amount of visitors to their website by 133.15% and the amount of pages viewed during one visit went up by 158.15%. 

stowe builder homepage hero section


Website Redesign | SEO

eMEDIX, a global leader in healthcare reimbursement, was evolving and their outdated website did nothing to build trust within their demographic. A website redesign helped them put their best foot forward, increased their organic traffic, and conversions. 

eMEDIX homepage hero section

William & Henry.

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Customer Quote: “Just wanted you to know how appreciative we are with the website you built for our company. It’s very personal to me as to how the company was represented and how the overall look and interaction was going to take place when someone is introduced to my company. As a tribute to the work you did, we have been getting exactly the type of quality leads/customers we were hoping for…and this has made a tremendous difference.

Thank you and I sincerely appreciate it”.

William & Henry homepage hero section

Court Street Vet.

Website Design | SEO | Graphic Design | Branding

After recently purchasing the business, one of the first things the Court Street Vets knew they needed was a redesigned website and better branding. Their new website was created as an easy way for patents to book with them, but also focused strongly on education with a myriad of articles regarding pet care. The new website now ranks within the Google Map Pack as well as on Page 1 of the search results.

court st vet homepage hero section

Country Home Center.

Website Design | SEO | Graphic Design

Tired of losing sales to the big-box stores, Country Home Center requested a website redesign. A new modern design was created, more content was written for their services which landed them on the first page of Google as well as featured within the Map Pack.

Country Home Center homepage hero section

NE iPhone Repair.

Website Redesign | SEO | Marketing

NE iPhone repair underwent a full rebrand—this meant a new logo, branding, and an overhauled website. 

The new website strongly focuses on local SEO, marketing, and new customer acquisition.

Monadnock Youth Coalition.

Website Design | SEO | Article Database

The Monadnock Youth Coalition site was built to be an easily navigated resource to both teens and their parents. Their website contains multiple filterable listing directories for local youth programs, resources, and articles regarding the coalition themselves.

Monadnock Youth Coalition homepage hero section


Website ReDesign | Technical SEO

RCCS contacted me to rebuild their website, but were keen on keeping the look and feel of their old one—it wasn’t outdated and worked fine, their problem was that it was difficult to add to and make changes. I recreated their old website 1:1 on the WordPress platform which allowed them to make updates and changes internally, saving them development costs down the road.

Film Geek Labs.

Website Design | SEO

The Film Geek Labs new website was built to showcase their services as well as the give their customers the ability to develop their film via mail-in all right from the website. 

Film Geek Labs homepage hero section

Power Play Sports.

Website REDesign | SEO | eCommerce

Power Play Sports needed a website that no only let their customers know what they had in stock, but also allowed them to sell their products online. Since fewer people were entering their store in 2020 the additional eCommerce functionality allowed them to continue to sell, if just not in person.

Power Play Sports homepage hero section

Stone Illustration.

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

A talented illustrator was in need of a portfolio website to showcase his work. A clean portfolio site was designed to display his work and market his illustration to both customers and businesses.

Stone Illustration homepage hero section

Primal Conditioning.

Website Design | SEO

Primal Conditioning had a unique problem, their in-person training classes were fully booked but they wanted to continue to grow their revenue. 

The new website focused strongly on online-only training classes which as of writing this are also at 100% capacity.

Primal Conditioning homepage hero section

Millimeter Wave Systems.

Website Design | SEO | Product Listings

Millimeter Wave Systems needed a trustworthy and modern brochure site to send their prospects to when they met at events and conferences. 

Millimeter Wave Systems homepage hero section

The Shattuck Golf Course.

Website Design | SEO | Marketing |

The Shattuck needed a website that marketed their golf course to both current guests and new patrons alike. With drone footage of the course, gorgeous photos of their location, and easy was to find information and create bookings, they saw new customers visiting from further away than ever.

The Shattuck Golf Course

Draft Gratitude.

Website Design | SEO | Graphic Design

Draft Gratitude’s website was built to build trust and increase their donations. With pages to meet the horses in their care, post articles and updates about the goings on at the farm, and take online donations, they’ve grown exponentially in the last 9 years I’ve worked with them.

Draft Gratitude homepage hero section


Website Design | eCommerce | SEO

Elin, a rising natural supplement producer, needed a website that allowed them to sell their products online and compete within their noisy niche. Within months of launching their new website they began to see an increase of sales and became an effective means of generating revenue. 

Elin Supplements homepage hero section

Omega Images.

Website Design | SEO

Omega Images needed a website to showcase their work as well as gain more leads. The website was built with a focus on local SEO, marketing, and social proof. 

Omega Images

Nye Hill Brewery.

Website Design | SEO | Graphic Design

The Nye Hill Brewery’s website was built to bring their personality online and contain information about the brewery, their beers, and locations. We implemented “timed content” on their site which allowed them to easily post their new flavors when they released on their home page and not worry about the need to remove it once the special had ended as it would automatically remove itself after a set period of time.

Nye Hill Brewery homepage hero section
Graphic Design & Packaging

A Small Sample of Print and Package Design

linehouse mockup of oak and rum package
PV Weddings Banner
Don Q Spanish Peanut Butter white label
Monadnock Fall Fest Ad Mockup
chemical storm lookbook mockup
the vamp snowboard mockup
three chemical storm snowboard posters
Mocho K package design
Court St Vets business cards
elin and plus supplement bottle designs
jack's crackers gift box-open
PV Welcome Banner
2015 KMF Rollup Banner
2018 Keene Music Festival
2015 KMF Poster
2021_hopkinton country club catering menu trifold design
Fox Tavern ad
Atlantic Furniture letterhead
jacks crackers custom packaging design front and back
Pleasant Valley Golf Guide Mockup
afriCAN brochure design
Fox Tavern Stamp
Don Q Spanish Peanut Butter red label
the line house poster hanging on brick wall
hyndsight camera box folded
black and white versions of the keto energy bottles
workability infographic in subway station
2021 Zeus catalog cover
Logo Design & Branding

A Smaple of Logos and Wordmarks

Pleasant Valley CC Logo
Don Quixote Logo
Atlantic Furniture Logo
Southwestern Community Services Logo
Sullivan Transportation Logo
Kappers Logo
Monadnock Cap Group Logo
the fox tavern logo
film geek labs logo
the line house logo
suspect 7 logo
sigda flowers and gifts logo
RN Lion monogram logo
primal conditioning logo
montblanc logo
deathz logo
copycat print shop logo
new day massage and bodywork logo
Keene Music Fest Logo
emergent logo
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