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Portfolio of work

For over 10 years, I’ve developed effective strategies, meaningful identities, and memorable experiences that connect people to businesses, brands, and organizations all over the world.

Here you’ll find a sample of the many projects that have done just that.

keene ymca website homepage layout

The Keene Family YMCA

Website Redesign | SEO

The Keene Family YMCA’s old website made it difficult for visitors to find the information they were looking for. Over the years, the website had grown, but this meant the organization and structure had fallen behind. 

Their new website was created to solve this disorganization, better match the YMCA’s branding, and better showcase all the Y has to offer.

NE iPhone Repair

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

NE iPhone Repair underwent a full rebrand. This included a new logo, branding, and website. After their new website launched, the number of inquiries submitted on their website more than doubled.


Website Redesign | SEO

LogistiVIEW offers SAAS solutions for warehousing, leaning heavily in the artificial intelligence sector. Their website began to look outdated, and as an industry leader in the tech vertical, they knew they needed to update their look. 

The redeveloped website was built to be clean, modern, and fast—all aspects required from a tech company to stay ahead of the game.


Website Redesign | SEO

MyTelemedicine had a website that looked modern but was coded in a way that their team found impossible to make changes. 

I rebuilt the website one-to-one with a few quality-of-life updates using a custom backend that made it a breeze to update and make changes to both content and layout.

Fireworks Restaurant

Website Redesign | SEO

After Fireworks reopened, they updated their branding and needed a new website to match. 

The new Fireworks website showcases their delicious dishes, many events throughout the year, and allows for super easy reservations.

Hiking Paws LLC

Website Design | SEO

Hiking Paws, an off-leash dog-walking business, needed to attract more clients to ensure they were able to keep their profits stable. 

After eight months of their website being online, they reported more leads and new customers than ever before. 

Parent & Cunha-Vasconcelos, Attorneys at Law, P.C.

Website Design | SEO

Parent & Cunha-Vasconcelos, Attorneys at Law, P.C. needed a professional brochure website to attract new clients and inform visitors what services they provide. Their website was built to allow for ease of access, responsive design, and collect inquiries that their staff can quickly and efficiently respond to.

Fineline Homes

Website Redesign | SEO

After struggling with their old website crashing and their online catalog functionality completely breaking, Fineline Homes knew they needed to invest in a new solution. 

Their new website features a catalog of their home models that was built so they can easily add and edit their inventory in-house without the need to know any code or design. 


Website Design | SEO

TherapyCon is the ultimate convention for therapy and rehab practitioners to attend, and they needed a website that piqued the interest of would-be-visitors, informed them of each year’s speakers, and register for the event.

Their website was built to be modern, load quickly, and allow visitors to effortlessly register for the event—helping to continue TherapyCon’s impact on their community.


Converted to Elementor

Lyric needed a more user-friendly system to replace their cumbersome method for updates. They chose to convert frequently updated pages with Elementor, simplifying the process. This streamlined approach ensures swift, stress-free content updates, eliminating the struggles of their old website platform.

NH Care Collaborative

Website Design | SEO

NH Care Collaborative provides information, resources, and training to those who are trying to coordinate care for themselves or their loved ones as they age. 

Their website was built to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and a source of information for visitors of all ages. 

William & Henry

Website Redesign | SEO | Marketing

Customer Review: “Just wanted you to know how appreciative we are with the website you built for our company. It’s very personal to me as to how the company was represented and how the overall look and interaction was going to take place when someone is introduced to my company. As a tribute to the work you did, we have been getting exactly the type of quality leads/customers we were hoping for…and this has made a tremendous difference.

Little Zoe's Pizza

Website Design | SEO

Little Zoe’s Take and Bake needed a website that allowed visitors to view their menu, learn more about their take-home method of building pizzas, and teach their customers how best to bake their delicious pies. 

Their website features all of this and more and has quickly become a go-to method for their customers to place orders to pick up at a later date. 

Monadnock Youth Coalition

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

The Monadnock Youth Coalition’s website was built to be accessible and easy to use for both teens and their parents. Their website contains multiple filterable directories for local youth programs, resources, and articles which makes them a fantastic resource for the Monadnock Region. 


Website Redesign | SEO

eMedix, a global leader in healthcare reimbursement, was evolving and their outdated website did nothing to build trust within their demographic. Their redesigned website helped them put their best foot forward, increase their organic traffic, and skyrocketed the number of leads the website brought in.

People's Linen

Website Redesign | SEO

The old People’s Linen website was outdated—so much so that customers began to complain that they weren’t able to find the information they needed. This had to be corrected if they wanted to keep new customers coming in. 

The new website is simplified, allowing customers to find the info they need, request services, and learn more about the business’ offerings. 

Nye Hill Farm

Website Design | SEO

Nye Hill Farm is a certified organic farm in Roxbury, New Hampshire. While they weren’t in need of a robust sales-oriented powerhouse of a website, they did want to share their farm, their musings and invite the public to visit. 

Their website was built to showcase this in a farmhouse-inspired brochure website. They often post their thoughts, ideas, and goings-on for the enjoyment of their visitors.

The Hancock Inn & Fox Tavern

Website Redesign | SEO | Online Booking | Marketing

The old and outdated Hancock Inn website was difficult for visitors to use and their search ranking was falling causing them to lose sales. The redesigned website focused on ease of use, SEO, and organization. This allowed them to showcase their unique rooms in greater detail and increase their online bookings.

Film Geek Labs

Website Design | SEO

The Film Geek Labs’ new website was built to showcase their services and allow their customers the ability to develop their film via their mail-in service right from their website.

CopyCat Print Shop

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Having just opened a new store, CopyCat needed a website that would reach customers in their new location. The website development was focused on local SEO and online marketing—allowing them to break into their new market successfully.

Southwestern Community Services

Website Redesign | SEO | Content Generation

SCS had been receiving complaints from their users that it was frustrating to search through their services and it was close to impossible to use on mobile devices. Their new website is now easy to navigate and finding resources is incredibly easy. 

Raintree Systems

Website Redesign | SEO

Raintree Systems is a world leader in EMR solutions. Their old website was outdated and failed to build visitor trust—this resulted in a steady decline in leads. 

The redeveloped Raintree website saw a complete overhaul to both site structure and visuals to match the level of service and quality products they provide.

DBI Stowe Builders

Website Redesign | SEO | Marketing

DBI needed a website redesign. Their old website didn’t work on mobile devices and took far too long to load. Visitors became impatient and left the website quickly, and their search engine ranking fell as a result. Their redesign increased the number of visitors to their website by 133.15% within the first six months post-launch.

Court Street Vet

Website Redesign | SEO | Marketing

After purchasing Court Street Vet, one of the first things they knew they needed was a redesigned website. Their new website fixed the issues they were having with their old site and created an easy way for patients to schedule appointments online. It focuses strongly on client education with a myriad of pet care articles. The new website now ranks within the Google Map Pack as well as on the first page of local search results.

Hopkinton Country Club

Website Redesign | Ongoing SEO | Marketing

Hopkinton needed to revitalize their outdated website, and while marketing wasn’t their top priority, the new website needed to show them at their best. When 2020 rolled around, I developed an online ordering system for them which kept their restaurant busy and their income stable during difficult times.

Pleasant Valley Country Club

Website Redesign | Ongoing SEO | Marketing

Pleasant Valley’s old website was showing its age and their members had begun to notice. They wanted a modern website that captured more membership and event leads. They also wanted to break into the wedding venue market. Their old website brought them an average of 25 membership leads a year—after launching their new website, these leads jumped to an average of 51 new leads per month!

Country Home Center

Website Redesign | SEO | Marketing

Tired of losing sales to the big box stores, Country Home Center requested a website redesign. A modern website design was created and more content was written to fill out their previously thin content which landed them on the first page of Google and featured in Google’s Map Pack.

Power Play Sports

Website Redesign | SEO | eCommerce

Power Play Sports needed a website that let their customers know what they currently had in stock and sell their products online. Since fewer people entered the store in 2020, the additional online storefront allowed them to continue serving their customers. 

Millimeter Wave Systems

Website Design | SEO | Product Catalog

Millimeter Wave Systems needed a reliable and contemporary website they could direct potential customers they met at events and conferences. This streamlined brochure site instills confidence, ensuring that when sharing their websites with attendees, their brand would be represented in a professional light.

Draft Gratitude

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

Draft Gratitude’s website was built to gain trust and increase donations to the non-profit. With a “Meet The Horses” page, articles and updates about the goings on at the farm, and the ability to take donations directly from their website, they’ve grown exponentially in the last ten years that I’ve worked with them.

Nye Hill Brewery

Website Design | SEO | Marketing

The Nye Hill Brewery’s website reflects their unique personality and highlights their brewery, beers, and where you can locate them. I incorporated timed content on their website, enabling them to effortlessly share their new flavors upon release without the concern of manually removing them once the release period ended—the system built for them automatically handles the removal of these announcement posts after a specified time frame.

package design for jack's crackers white and yellow bag with window showing crackers inside
jack's crackers gift box and package design open showing messaging on the interior and custom packing paper
line house stowe vermont oak and rum package design
elin and plus suppliment spirulina bottles
don quixote spanish peanut butter red label on a glass jar
don quixote spanish peanut butter label on a glass jar
findingu mct oil keto engergy bottle mockups in black and white
hindsight camera box design mockup
hindsight product box unfolded
2018 keene music festival poster
2017 keene music festival poster with a suitcase full of tiny people and a band playing music
punk'n fest poster with pumpkin with a rad mohawk
kids count poster featuring a cartoon rocket going to the moon
keene fall festival poster artwork
keene music festival pullup banner
the line house rules poster on a brick backdrop
chemical storm vamp snowboard featuring a vampire
three posters created for chemical strom snowboards featuring a zombie, mummy, and vampire
chemical storm snowboard lookbook mockup
2024 hcc camp guide cover design
set of three hancock inn and fox tavern magazine ads
monadnock fall festival ad mocked up in a magazine
hancock inn ad placed in a magazine
elin supplements spirulina customer handbook mockup
  • A.B.A.
  • Abel Twitchell
  • AfriCAN
  • APA Division 26
  • Apex Nonprofit
  • Artisan Eyewear
  • Atlantic Furniture
  • Barnes Equine Aquatics
  • BETE
  • Bloomer Press
  • Brackett & Wallace
  • Brattleboro Storage
  • Brinda Charry
  • Burke Mountain Home Care
  • Carlisle Flooring
  • Cashtro
  • Ceres Golf
  • ChappyShirt
  • Chiron
  • Chemical Storm
  • Clancy’s Plants
  • Condos at Sugarloaf
  • CopyCat Ink
  • Country Home Center
  • Court Street Vet
  • Crockett Log Homes
  • Cultured Civilization
  • Dana’s Dumpsters
  • DC Twin Co.
  • Don Quixote Peanut Butter
  • Draft Gratitude
  • Elin Supplements
  • eMEDIX
  • EPIC Outreach
  • Equine Dentistry
  • Film Geek Labs
  • Finding U
  • Fineline Homes
  • Fireworks Keene
  • Five Collage Movers
  • Five College Realtors
  • Foolshine
  • Fund Our Site
  • Gem Graphics
  • Gilford Dental
  • Giving Tree
  • Glassology
  • Golf Loft
  • Granite Rock Farm
  • Great Big Graphics
  • Great Green Plate
  • Greenfield Garden Club
  • Hades Co.
  • Hancock Inn
  • Hastings Dental
  • Hat Stuff
  • Hemp ID
  • Hiking Paws
  • Hopkinton Country Club
  • Imaginal Training
  • Indian By Nature
  • J Roy Excavating
  • Jack’s Crackers
  • Jenuine Marketing
  • Jill Marquess DC
  • Kappers
  • Keene Fall Festival
  • Keene Family YMCA
  • Keene Music Festival
  • Keene Printing
  • Kiss the Bride Photography
  • Krissy Photography
  • Little Makers Keene Public Library
  • Little Zoe’s Pizza
  • LocalNation
  • LogistiVIEW
  • Lost Harvest
  • Lumens for Less
  • MacMillan Group
  • MCVP
  • Millimeter Wave Systems
  • Mind Body Soul
  • MochoK
  • ModCon
  • Modern Memories
  • Monadnock Buy Local
  • Monadnock Capital Group
  • Monadnock Imaging
  • Monadnock Oil & Vinegar
  • Monadnock Youth Coalition
  • Muse Bistro
  • My Telemedicine
  • NE iPhone Repair
  • New Day Massage & Bodywork
  • NH Care Collaborative
  • Niblick Golf
  • Nuttin Ordinary 
  • Nye Hill Brewers
  • Nye Hill Farm
  • Nye Hill Organic
  • Oakwood Inn
  • Omega Images
  • Pamela’s Pantry
  • Patterson Farm
  • Penelope’s Pilates
  • People’s Linen Service
  • Perfect Peach
  • Picadilly Farm
  • Pilates for Every Body
  • Pine Heights of Brattleboro
  • Pines Rutland
  • Plaid Friday
  • Pleasant Valley Golf
  • PLP Composites
  • Postcards from Monadnock
  • Pure Current
  • RAB
  • Raintree Systems LLC.
  • Rare Roots
  • Raynor Dental
  • RCCS
  • Red River English Bulldogs
  • Renaissance Builders
  • Rhone Realty
  • Robert Brown Photography
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Rothrock Carpentry
  • Sarah Gott | Painter
  • Scott Graves Law Office
  • Shattuck Golf
  • Shifting Stances
  • Sky’s Fleet
  • Southwestern Community Services
  • Sovereign Builders
  • Split Rock Range
  • Stellar New England
  • Stowe Builder/DBI
  • Stowe Mountain Lodge
  • Stowe Resort Food & Beverage
  • Stratos Portfolio Management
  • Sullivan Transportation
  • Tank Addict
  • Ted Parent Law
  • The Beautiful Gardener
  • The Fox Tavern
  • The Hancock Market
  • The Healthy Geezer
  • The IZA
  • The Light by Cheri Evans
  • The Linehouse
  • The Literacy Project
  • TherapyCon
  • Tim Gordon
  • Trans Atlantic Development Corp
  • Tulip Trails
  • Vsquared Guitar Systems
  • Walter Stone Illustration
  • West B. Flowers
  • William & Henry Wide Plank Flooring
  • Window Depot
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