Case Studies

Client Success Stories.

Find out how Matthew Sebert Design has helped businesses boost their brand’s image, land more sales, and engage with their customers like never before.

  • Web Design ·

Pleasant Valley Country Club

Pleasant Valley Country Club saw a $2 million dollar increase in leads from their website after their redesign.
  • Web Design ·

The Hancock Inn

A staggering 257.46% increase in visitors to the Inn's website and 294.01% increase in page views.
  • Web Design ·

William & Henry

W&H's 128.81% increase in visitors to their website and improved leads with a website redesign.
  • Graphic Design ·

Chemical Storm

Breaking onto new global markets with an Australian snowboard brand.
  • Graphic Design ·

The Fox Tavern

A successful rebranding and launch of a popular local tavern made even better with gamification.
  • Graphic Design ·

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Stowe Mountain Lodge was able to win the Innovator of the Year Award with one piece of awesome tech.
  • Web Design ·

Draft Gratitude

Draft Gratitude increased visitors to their website by 40.30% after their website redesign.
  • Graphic Design ·

The Keene Music Festival

9 years of working alongside the Keene Music Festival and how we turned marketing assets into purchasable products.
  • Web Design ·

Court Street Vet

Court Street Vet was able to increase organic traffic to their site by 68.9% after their redesigned website launched.
  • Web Design ·

Primal Conditioning

Primal Conditioning's visitors increased by 11.53% and time spent on their site by 41.30% with their website redesign.
  • Web Design ·

Stowe Builder

How a website redesign improved Stowe Builder's website across the board & lowered their bounce rate.
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