It's a crowded market out there

Package Design that Moves More Product.

The design of your packaging has the power to influence your customers and effective package design helps move your product off the shelf.

Great Packaging Evokes Trust.

and helps sell your product when you're not there

Your products sit right next to your competitor’s on the shelf and if your packaging doesn’t catch your customer’s eye, evoke feelings of trust in your product, and helps set it apart from the rest you could be losing out on sales.

Let’s make sure your packaging is as awesome as the product inside.


"Top notch Creativity & Skill"

“Top notch communication, creativity, and skill. Matthew made the Celtic Realm box design really pop, and was timely and responsive. Owl Tree definitely recommends Matthew Sebert Design”

William M. — Owner of Owl Tree

Product Package Design Services.

Package Design.

Packaging that's as awesome as the product inside

Your product deserves packaging that’s just as awesome as what’s inside. With graphic design backed with market data and competitor research your packaging is sure to stand out when placed next to other products. 

linehouse mockup of oak and rum package

Unique Shapes & Sizes.

When a rectangular box just won't cut it

Don’t feel boxed in! If you have a unique idea for your packaging we can work together to create a custom die that your printer can use to create, cut and fold limitless possibilities for your package designs. 

Inventive Ways to Ship Your Products.

Unique ways to enhance your customer's experience

Heighten your customers experience by creating a memorable unboxing experience. With interior designs and messaging to welcome them to your product, give additional information, or even help give it a personality. 

jack's crackers gift box-open
Have a Project in Mind?

I'd Love to Learn More!

If you have a project in mind, reach out and we’ll chat about it. A typical project overview call only takes a few minutes and in most cases I’ll be able to help guide you in the direction that makes most sense for you and your business.

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Happy Clients

More Than Just Package Design...

Real World Research

From the word “go” your market will be analyzed and your competitors will be audited. We’ll visit the stores that sell your product and take a look at the shelf where it will be displayed to ensure it stands out among the rest.

Support Materials

Your support material such as quick start guides, instructions, and user manuals can be designed to match your brand’s packaging to create a cohesive brand image. 

A Close Connection with Printers

From one-off prints to thousands at a time, if you don’t have a printer in mind, you’ll be connected with the printers that specialize in your packaging needs. 

Every Bit of Branding

Your packaging will have unique and innovate ways of showcasing your brand’s colors, imagery, and logo. From custom packing paper to boxes embossed with your brand identity, the sky’s the limit.

Fun Ways to Engage Your Customers

With custom folds and cuts, your customers will have a unique and fun experience simply opening your product’s package, creating an experience worth talking about.

Packages with Personality

Give your products a personality with imaginative messaging throughout your packaging.

Communicate with your customers as they’re opening their new product for the first time.

Why Work with MSD?

An Ongoing Asset

On average my clients have been with me for 5 years or longer. This isn’t because they’re under contract, it’s because they enjoy the benefits of working with me and our ongoing success together.

Real World Results

I’m proud of my clients growth and accomplishments and would love to discuss how I’m able to help your business. For examples of what I can do for you, take a look at my Case Studies.

Analytic Data, Not Guesswork

Real world data is used to create your designs and build your website. This allows us to form a better understanding of your market and leads to an end product that attracts your ideal customer.

No Unnecessary Jargon

Jargon can be confusing, especially when it comes to web design. This makes choosing the right designer more difficult as it’s often used to impress rather than inform. I try to steer clear of tech jargon – unless you want the nitty-gritty. 

Your Return on Investment

When I take on a client one of the factors taken into consideration is whether you’ll make a return on your investment. This balance keeps both my clients and myself happy.

Education & Empowerment

When needed, you’ll be provided training videos and documentation for you and your staff so you can hit the ground running from the word “Go”. 

Package Design F.A.Q.

Costs for packages usually depend on the complexity of the design and the box itself. Standard packaging can start at $500 where as custom die cuts, which result in unique box shapes, start in the $1,200 range.

A die is a process which uses specialized machines to cut, form and sheer your package material. Think of it like a big ol’ cookie cutter. There’s usually a fabrication cost associated with creating a die as they’re custom ordered and made out of metal, but once the set up fee has been paid, your printer will be able to continue to use the die for years to come.

You own the rights to the final print-ready assets. (These are typically PDFs or raster images .jpeg, .png files). 

In most cases the source files remain the intellectual property of MSD, however these too can be purchased if you’d like. (Typically .indd, .ai, .psd files)

Totally up to you. Smaller files can easily be sent to your email while files that are too large to send can be sent using a transfer service like WeTransfer or if you have an online storage account like Dropbox or Google Drive I can upload them there.

If you’d like, I can send the print ready files directly to the printer of your choice as well.

You bet! A typical project will include three rounds of revisions if needed and at each milestone in the project you’ll be sent a proof of the work to that point to make any additions or alterations before we move forward. 

I’ll ask you questions regarding your business, its goals, and collect any copy (written text), logos, and images you’d like used. 

With this information I’ll draft the first version of your package design and then touch base to go over any changes or additions you’d like to see.

Of course! Although I do offer printing services, if there’s a printer that you’ve worked with for a long time and trust their results go for it! I deliver print ready files that you can take anywhere without issue.

Absolutely, in fact most of my clients use the mockups I create for them in their marketing and on their website. 

I do recommend using a professional photographer to take product shots, however mockups are a great way to start. If you’d like recommendations for local photographers, let me know and I can make introductions.

Depending on my current work load I should be able to help you out, however depending on your timeline, a rush fee may need to be added.