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New Website Development

Increase your reach online with a website that looks great, boosts your sales, and enables your business to go further than ever before.

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A Website To Reach Your Goals

Your website will be built to be a powerful form of interactive marketing for your business. Every choice, from layout to functionality, will be guided to help your visitors find what they need and push your website to the top of the search results. 

Working with Matthew Sebert Design means that your website and marketing will be looked at wholistically and focused on your goals for success. 

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"Highly Recommended!"

“Matt was extremely helpful in guiding us to understand the development process and held tight to his original timeframe. I would highly recommend his services to those needing a website.”

Amber Cutler | DBI – Stowe, VT

Websites Built For Success

High Performance Websites

Your website will be built to load fast and look pixel perfect on mobile devices. Not only will your visitors appreciated this, it will help your website rank higher in search results. 

Search Engine Optimization

By implementing best practices—and never any outdated techniques—your website will focus on ensuring the right customers are finding your business at the top of their search results.

Track Your Success

Use real world data to determine the best path forward after launch. See what pages are most often visited, fine tune your messaging, layout, and content to always be one step ahead.

Get Ahead Of Your Competition

Your competitor’s websites will be audited to determine their ranking, strength of their content, and allow you to capitalize on their omissions and shortcomings. 

Accessibility & Best Practices

Accessible websites help build an open internet for everyone. Your website will allow those with disabilities to get the most out of it, ensuring that every user is able to navigate your website.

Legal Requirements

Privacy Policies aren’t just nice to have—they’re legally required. I will help you navigate these privacy laws and have partners who specialize in drafting these documents for your website.

What Makes An MSD Website Different?

Led By Strategy—Driven By Design

Personalized Tutorial Videos

Step-by-step videos to familiarize yourself with your website.

Your website will have personalized tutorial videos that you can access anytime from your dashboard. These tutorials will help guide you through the different aspects of making changes and additions to your website.

Each video is recorded using your actual website so there’s no guesswork and every unique aspect is covered. These aren’t boilerplate videos, they’re made just for you!

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Easy To Use Backend

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Over the years, I’ve worked on many websites that someone else built, and the back ends are often cluttered, outdated, and confusing—even for someone who’s been in the industry for over a decade. While there’s no ‘one way’ to build a website, what works for one developer doesn’t always work for another, but the client often suffers the most. 

Your website’s backend will be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and not a source of frustration.

Easy Editing

Making changes doesn't need to be a struggle.

Your website includes an easy-to-use visual editor that enables you to make edits to images and text without needing to learn HTML, CSS, or Java. 

Simply open the editor and start changing text and images! You’ll be able to see the changes in real time and push these changes to the live site when you’re ready.

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Built To Fit Your Needs

A site built for your business, not a template that your business needs to fit into.

Your website will be tailored to your specific business goals and requirements. Need custom functionality or a super simple way to share updates with your customers? You can do it! 

Unlike websites that are built by editing templates to hopefully fit your business, your website will be custom-built for you. This means that your website will have exactly what you need and no bloat slowing it down.

Built To Scale

Use your website to grow your business, not hold it back.

Your website may not start out with a blog, scheduling app, or booking system, but if you ever need to add additional functioinaltuy to your website it’s been built to allow for these future considerations. 

By using best practices and ensuring that your website’s foundation is solid, future additions and new functionality may be added without the need for long development cycles.

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Performance & Optimization

Fast load times = happy visitors.

Today’s websites are ranked using a multitude of factors and Google’s Core Web Vitals is an industry standard. This score can be tested at any time and is based on your website’s Performance, Accessibility, Use of Best Practices, and SEO. 

Your website will be built with this in mind and will aim to surpass your competitor’s website scores, helping to push you higher in search engine rankings.

Have A Project In Mind?

Reach out and we’ll chat about it!

A typical overview call only takes a few minutes and, in most cases, I’ll be able to help guide you in the direction that makes the most sense for you and your business.