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Case Study

Keene YMCA

Since their redesign, the Keene Family YMCA has seen a 133.2% boost to their membership inquires.
keene family ymca website design

Project Results

Membership Inquiries
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Organic Search
+ 0 %
Time on Site
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Project Breakdown

The Keene Family YMCA’s old website was difficult for visitors to navigate and find the information they were looking for, especially on phones. Their website redesign project fixed this, organizing the website in a much more convenient and user-friendly way while improving their overall YMCA branding.

Now, the homepage contains quick links to their most popular activities and classes, each class has its own page to provide more information and contain calls to action to increase their membership inquiries. These updates to their website saw their engagement increase drastically, and more than double the number of visitors who clicked to become members—a 133.2% boost!

Since launch, there’s been a 23.4% increase in total users, 22.8% more visitors entering the website from online searches, and a 26.5% rise in the amount of time a user spends on the site.


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