The Fox Tavern

The name Fox Tavern comes from Jedidiah Fox, the second owner of the Hancock Inn, who had purchased it from his father-in-law, Noah Wheeler. While owned by Fox, the inn was known as The Fox Tavern. The current owners, Marcia and Jarvis Coffin, wanted to give their tavern an identity and life of it’s own. With the name in place, the branding and marketing of the Fox Tavern began.

The Hancock Inn’s iconic red front door features a prominent and beautiful fox shaped brass knocker, which would tie the two properties together. This was the beginning of the Fox Tavern logo. From here development wen’t smoothly and as launch night was approaching more though went into how to get the word out. By slowly releasing the fox icon without the title in the current ad sets for the Inn we were able to slowly build suspense and wonder at what the symbol meant. Sure enough, the launch of the tavern was a huge success with a large turnout of guests arriving to enjoy the grand opening.

So here’s to the continuation of the fantastic success The Fox Tavern has enjoyed! The Tavern has done quite well for itself and is quickly on it’s way to becoming another iconic mark in the town of Hancock.

Scope of Work:

Branding and Logo Design

Identity Design

Marketing and Advertising

In-House Marketing Collateral

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