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Memorable Logos and Branding Built to Last.

Your branding represents the feel and value of your business, it’s your handshake, so let’s make sure it’s a confident one.

Every Designer is Going to Say Branding is Important...

But how you use it is more important.

A logo doesn’t need to be complex, overly clever, or “deep”. In fact, those types of logos tend to be difficult to use and are the ones that need to be redesigned sooner rather than later. Take the Nike Swoosh, Apple’s apple, and the FedEx logo—these are all minimal, iconic, and memorable. That’s because they’re easy to place within designs, look great large or small, and are easy to recognize in an instant.

Your logo will be designed to be useable and relevant for years to come.


"Delivered an Outstanding Product"

“When it came time to redesign the South Western Community Services logo we called Matt. Our Senior Team had a specific vision and Matt was able to deliver an outstanding product; one that everyone was happy with. Matt is easy to work with and very professional.”

Diane P. — Director | South Western Community Services

Logo Design & Branding Services.

Logos & Branding.

Your brands vibe and how it's perceived

Your logo, icons, and even custom fonts will be created to resonate with your ideal customers, match the vibe of your business and portray it in the best possible light. 

MYC colors and typography document sample

Style Guides & Resources.

keeping every aspect of your branding cohesive

A style guide is a document that helps you and your staff use your new branding to its fullest potential. Your colors, fonts, and do’s & do not’s will be clearly laid out so any internal marketing you put together will continue reinforce your brand.

Refresh your Current Branding.

Starting to look a bit stale?

Design trends do evolve over time, even the most iconic brands like Starbucks have gone though redesigns to appeal to todays market. If your logo is looking a bit dated, a refresh will help! 

Outdated PV logo on white background Before Redesign
Redesigned PV logo on white background After Redesign
Have a Project in Mind?

I'd Love to Learn More!

If you have a project in mind, reach out and we’ll chat about it. A typical project overview call only takes a few minutes and in most cases I’ll be able to help guide you in the direction that makes most sense for you and your business.

A Small Sample of

Happy Clients

Why Work with MSD?

An Ongoing Asset

On average my clients have been with me for 5 years or longer. This isn’t because they’re under contract, it’s because they enjoy the benefits of working with me and our ongoing success together.

Real World Results

I’m proud of my clients growth and accomplishments and would love to discuss how I’m able to help your business. For examples of what I can do for you, take a look at my Case Studies.

Analytic Data, Not Guesswork

Real world data is used to create your designs and build your website. This allows us to form a better understanding of your market and leads to an end product that attracts your ideal customer.

No Unnecessary Jargon

Jargon can be confusing, especially when it comes to web design. This makes choosing the right designer more difficult as it’s often used to impress rather than inform. I try to steer clear of tech jargon – unless you want the nitty-gritty. 

Your Return on Investment

When I take on a client one of the factors taken into consideration is whether you’ll make a return on your investment. This balance keeps both my clients and myself happy.

Education & Empowerment

When needed, you’ll be provided training videos and documentation for you and your staff so you can hit the ground running from the word “Go”.