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About This Project.

Don, the founder and president of William & Henry, reached out to Matthew Sebert Design in regards to his under-performing website. He was concerned that the site he had was losing potential leads due to poor performance. After investigating his old site by running a few technical audits, I was able to let Don know the good news; the optimizations be fairly straightforward.

We had a meeting to discuss other aspects of his business in general to see if there were other areas I could possibly help improve. When speaking about his business it was abundantly apparent how much love and care he put into every single detail.

The performance of his website was only a small portion of the final rebuild. Don knows his audience well, and as such we wanted to make sure the new website would speak directly to this target demographic. The new website launched using a new organization and layout method, one that would make it as simple to find the specific product was there to find. We also rewrote the majority of the copy on his old website to better represent his own voice. The same heartfelt and honest tone he takes when speaking about his business in person is now reflected on the website.

Since launch, the newly launched website has seen users increase by 128.81%, a very healthy bounce rate of 28.30%, page views increase by 105.61%, and a typical amount of pages per session average in at 3.32 minutes.

What the Client Said:

“We are so appreciative with the website you built for our company.
As a tribute to the work you did, we have been getting exactly the type of quality leads/customers we were hoping for and this has made a tremendous difference! Thank you and I sincerely appreciate it!”

Don Carlisle | Founder & President | William & Henry Wide Plank Floors

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