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The Keene Music Festival.

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About This Project.

I started working with The Keene Music Festival in 2009 and continued to create illustrated show posters and marketing collateral for them until the festivals retirement in 2018. In total, this included a branding campaign, ten years of original illustrations, marketing collateral, and side projects.

While working with The Keene Music Festival, I helped to create not only the illustrative posters and marketing materials for the Festival itself, but also many of their side and partner projects. These included the Sumner Knight Chapel Series marketing in the form of show posters and original artwork. The Brewbakers Cafe’s Open Mic Night, Monadnock Fall Festival marketing, Kids Count campaign, and marketing collateral for Punk’n Fest.

The Keene Music Festival posters were illustrated pieces of artwork that would serve as marketing collateral when copy and supporter/donor icons were implemented. Fairly standard practice, however, rather than a standard layout and implementing “just” graphic design, the illustrated works could be repurposed once the Festival was in full swing.

We printed these at multiple sizes from 4×6 inch postcards up to large 32×24 inch posters with much of the marketing copy removed so they could be purchased by the Festival’s attendees as souvenirs and gifts. The artwork was also repurposed by placing slightly modified versions on apparel and merchandise.

By doing this, The Keene Music Festival was able to further recoup the initial costs associated with the marketing campaign leading up to the start.

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