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The Hancock Inn is New Hampshire’s oldest continuously operating Inn, it also just so happens to be home to two of the nicest innkeepers I’ve met.

The Hancock Inn reached out to me and asked if I could audit their website. After generating a report, it was evident that there were areas that could be improved. Their main concern was the outdated look and feel of their site and while it looked “okay” on desktop, it was hardly usable on mobile.

Knowing that they were losing potential patrons due to the frustration of trying to use the website while searching on their phone, they felt it was time to overhaul their web presence.

The Hancock Inn’s website was redesigned from the ground up with a strong focus on usability and sales. They especially wanted to make sure they were able to display their room selection in a way that both showed the uniqueness of each as well as informed their would-be-guests to the amenities each room offered.

They were also interested in increasing the amount of wedding related bookings. Though, they wanted to do this in a slightly different way. Rather than marketing themselves as the destination, they wanted to be seen as the place to stay.

Over the years, we’ve implemented a vast number of fun and effective marketing strategies both on their website and in print and in this time I’ve seen the Inn evolve and grow.

Since launching the new Hancock Inn website we’ve seen an increase in performance and return on investment across the board. The amount of users visiting the website has increased 257.46%, page views have jumped up 294.01%, the average time spent on the website has gone up 5.70% (due to the additional content the Inn is now generating for the website), and we’re now able to track off-line print marketing with much higher accuracy.

What the Client Said:

“Matt is indispensable to our business and our website would not be a shadow of itself without his guidance and support.”

Nathan C. | Manager | The Hancock Inn

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