Stowe Mountain Lodge.

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About This Project.

Stowe Mountain Lodge is a premiere ski-in/ski-out luxury resort located in Stowe Vermont. Over the years I’ve worked closely with Stowe to develop both in-house branding as well as many pieces of collateral.

From logo design for their bars and eateries to award winning presentations, I’ve insured that their endeavors look as well put together as their gorgeous property. I’ve developed, as well as expanded on, their current restaurant and bar branding, developed a company wide interactive eBook (which won them the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award), designed in-house collateral such as posters and menus, and developed package design for their custom “Stowe” branded products.

There have been quite a few notable projects working with Stowe over the years.

  • The branding of The Line House, an owner-only bar located somewhere on the property (I’m not at liberty to say where), was a blast. The name came from the prohibition era where Line Houses were built on the boarder of The US and Canada. The style of this bar screamed speak easy and we created posters to mirror the rules of etiquette found within the walls of Milk & Honey located in Soho, London.

  • The Food & Beverage Survival Guide is an interactive eBook that was created to be used by both Stowe Mountain as well as throughout the other properties managed by Destination Hotels by Hyatt. This eBook was built to help experienced and newly hired staff within their restaurants. Each chapter gave tips, videos, and tutorials for both front and back of house staff. When presented during an annual management conference, it won them the Innovator of the Year award.

  • The rebranding of their primary restaurant, Solstice. This involved a logo overhaul as well as ensuring all collateral matched the new design.

  • Development of The Table (another project that I would love to talk about, but alas, this one was for a “secret society” and I fear I may have said too much already.

What the Client Said:

“I’ve had Matt work on projects of different scale and scope. As a designer, his range of creativity has been proven time and time again, he is as talented as anyone at the top of their game. Beyond the art, the greatest pleasure of working with him is his commitment, professionalism, and his flexibility. In short, he makes me look good.”

Scott C. | Director of F&B | Stowe Mountain Lodge

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