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Stowe Builder After website redevelopment

About This Project.

Amber from Stowe Builder (Donald P. Blake Jr. INC) requested an audit of their website. They had noticed that, over the years, their site wasn’t ranking in search results as well as it once had and, unfortunately, several assets were failing to work properly. 

The audit found that the website had poor optimization that slowed down the load times considerably. The site itself took 16.5 full seconds to completely load – the goal for most websites is to ensure it loads in less than 3 seconds – and had many errors including long redirect chains, empty alt text, meta descriptions and title tags. 

At this point the website was over 6 years old so a full rebuild was recommended rather than trying to patch holes as more would surely appear.

Plugging holes can only last so long…

Once the new site was designed, developed, and the new content was implemented; we chose a day to launch. Over the next year we tracked the progress of the new site compared to the old and had fantastic results across the board and continues to do so to this very day. 

In the first year, the amount of users increased by 133.15%, new users rose 131.13%, their sessions increased by 137.16% and their pageviews were up by 158.15%. The average time spent reading the content on their website also increased by 47.70% and their bounce rate (anyone entering the site and spending less than 10 seconds before abandoning it to go back to the search results page) decreased by 15.01%.

The images below also show the comparison between the old website load times and the redeveloped website, we shaved off 15 whole seconds that a user would otherwise have to wait while the page was loading (or more likely get frustrated and leave).

Stowe Builder Speed Report BEFORE
Website Speed and Structure BEFORE Redesign
stowe builder speed AFTER redesign
Website Speed and Structure AFTER Redesign

What the Client Said:

“Matt was a pleasure to work with on our recent website redevelopment at He was responsive to each email & phone call during the development process & provided us with a comprehensive proposal within just a few days of our original inquiry. He was extremely helpful in guiding us to understand the development process & held tight to his original projected time frame. I would highly recommend his services to those needing website support and/or redevelopment. We are excited to continue working with Matt through our monthly website care plan.

Stephanie T | Primal Conditioning

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Redesigned Website vs Old Website

Stowe Builder before website redevelopment Before Redesign
Stowe Builder After website redevelopment After Redesign