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About This Project.

Southwestern Community Services (SCS) contacted me about their old website. It had begun to show its age, and as such they were receiving more user feedback regarding the difficulty they experienced when navigating the site. They wanted to rebuild their site to solve the visitor frustration as well as modernize the layout as to not look outdated. SCS also requested that, ideally, this new build include a way for them to be able to log in to make simple edits and changes.

A major factor leading to the old site’s negative feedback was the lack of mobile responsiveness. With over 50% of web searches being done on a mobile device, that meant 50% of their users were most likely experiencing difficulty trying to simply use the site.

ADA Compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act) was also something Southwestern Community Services was keen to get right. They serve a wide demographic and ensuring that their visitors who had visual or other impairments were able to use the site without issue was important. When designing their new website, I took care to ensure that the color contrast ratios were within acceptable limits, text was easy to read for both humans as well as screen readers, as well as other helpful elements were also implemented.

At the time of writing this, it’s still too soon to tell what impact the new website will have on their SEO and engagement, however I’ll be sure to update this post when that data is available!

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Redesigned Website vs Old Website

SCS website before redesign Before Redesign
SCS website after redesign After Redesign