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Pleasant Valley Country Club requested an audit for their website. They knew that, visually, their website was showing its age. It lacked mobile responsiveness and wasn’t ranking in search results as well as it once had. They were also curious to learn if there were any improvements that could be made to its functionality and on-site marketing. Specifically, they were hoping to increase the amount of warm leads the site generated for new memberships and on-site events. 

Their website had been built years ago, and although they had worked with two different web agencies over the years since, the site itself remained unchanged overall. New content and photos were added, but the structure and user experience had not seen much improvement. 

You can only do so much when you’re confined to an aging layout, so a new build was recommended. 

I designed and developed Pleasant Valley’s new website with a primary focus on increasing their conversion rate for their marketing goals. Their old website averaged 65-80 new membership leads per year. That’s about 6 to 7 people contacting them each month inquiring about becoming members, which in all fairness isn’t a terrible amount. However, with a new strategy applied to their website, I believed those numbers could be much higher.

After working with them to develop a new plan of action focusing on creating a better user experience with more engaging content the new website build got underway.

Just one year after the new website was launched Pleasant Valley saw the number of warm leads generated from the site increase by 357.96% – that’s over $2 million dollars in added potential revenue! 

Since launching their new website, I’ve worked with Pleasant Valley to update their branding, create both internal and external print design, helped with marketing campaigns, and redesigned their Member’s Golf Guide book.

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Redesigned Website vs Old Website

Old Pleasant Valley Country Club Website Before Redesign
pleasant valley website after redesign After Redesign