Draft Gratitude.

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About This Project.

Becky, the owner of Draft Gratitude, first contacted me in 2015 to help develop branding for her new venture. We worked together to create Draft Gratitude’s logo and branding package along with print and online marketing collateral.

As Draft Gratitude grew in size and scope, she realized that she needed a hub online to help keep supporters up to date with goings on and increase the donations made to her rescue.

By the fall of 2018 she contacted me asking what direction the website should (or could) take to further the growth of Draft Gratitude.

Once we restructured her site, created an easier user flow to the areas of importance on her site, and re-worked her Search Engine Optimization we saw an average increase of total users visiting the site by 40.30% which dramatically increased the donations and support acquired from the website. Total page views increased by 21.44% and new users to the site increased by 42.20%.

What the Client Said:

“I just wanted to tell you that you do amazing work and I can’t thank you enough for all your help.  For real, you have been a consistent, integral force in making Draft Gratitude what is it. <3”

Rebecca Roy | Founder and President | Draft Gratitude

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